Nov.21 Crossing to Mazatlan

We woke to first light. I really like watching the sunrise.  It reminds me to thank God for all I have and all the people in my life. We took off from Frailes heading to Mazatlan.  Rick was going to San Jose Del Cabo to pick up Janis.  We will miss our buddy boat.  It is nice to look over and see your friends next door.

The sea was calm all day. We did put out the main sail and gained about half a knot in speed. The sun was out the water was likeglass at times. We did not see any other boats all day. It was a little lonely without Star at our side.

1800 to midnight shift: Wow, calm seas. We had some hitch hikers, 4 birds landed on our biw pulpit. We think they were Boobies. We saw at least 12 flying around.

The sunset was amazing. We had dinner together then Dave went to sleep.  The wind picked up around 2100 and I hauled out the head sail. We were going too fast and we would get to Maz  too early. I  slowed the engine hoping Dave would not wake up because of the difference in engine rpm. He did not. We figured if we went 6 or 6.5 knots we would get to Maz at high tide with no current.  Well, we were going 7 to 7.5. That would get us to Maz at lowish tide and in the dark.  Not what we wanted to do in a new marina.

At 11, I mean 2300, Dave came on watch early and we brought out the main and shut down the engine.  We stll had to reef the main and the jib to slow the boat.  The sea was rough.  I had a hard time sleeping when I was off watch.  I even took some Bonine sea sick med just in case. I was off watch about 5 hours and maybe got 3 hours of sleep.  I got up around 0500 and went back on watch.  Dave had the main and jib reefed so we were sailing at 4 knots instead of 7 or 8.  Our eta would have us in Maz an hour early.  We could live with that. Another Beautiful sunrise and Maz in our site.  Ah life is good. We are tired no doubt,  but life is good.


  1. I feel like a dope! I had not thought through what it means for 2 people to sail anywhere and traveling at night. WOW! I bet you are tired with these changing sleep routines. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!


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