Nov. 17th Ensenada Grande Day 2

It was a rough night. We has winds  coming from the west bringing fetch and swell. It was one of the most uncomfortable nights on the boat yet. When we finally got up, the sun was shining and the bay calm.

It was time to hike. Rick led us on this beautiful hike past an old abandoned well. It only filled when it rained. I am not sure I would trust the water but if that is all you have, then I guess you drink it. Good thing we had plenty of good water. The next site was what we called Rick’s wall. It is this smooth red rock wall. that we are sure was formed from flash floods. You can imagine the water fall that would br there when it rains. Rick stopped there and let Dave and I trekked to the top so we could see the other side of the mountain. It seemed longer than it really was. The views at the top were worth it.

The way down, I think the full moon brought out the mountain goat in all of us. Then it was time for dave and I to snorkel.

Back on the boat, dinner and drinks with Rick in the cockpit and a beautiful sunset to end a beautiful day.


  1. An incredible and fantastic adventure you are on. I am so glad your are documenting your experiences. They are fantastic and I hope you remember them for a lifetime. Thank you for sharing.

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