Nov. 7 Heading to Frailes

We went for a final walk looking at the art that was on the side of the path. Very interesting  art. Then we gave our gate keys  to Martin the security guard at Puerto Los Cabos Marina,  and we are off for a short 4 to 5 hour hop to Frailes.

We sailed part way to Frailes anchorage then heard 3 loud bangs- did something hit out hull? Was that a whale? A large fish? Yikes!We started motoring so we could get to the anchorage sooner and swim under the boat and see if there was any damage. There was one that we could see. The bilge was not filling with water,  the rudder was steering well, we are confident we are just fine.

We were happy it was sunny warm and the water was 79 deg. Anchor down and swimming suites on! Dave got his snorkeling gear on and swam around and under the boat looking for any signs of damage. There was none!  Thank you God!

Nothing left to do but swim over to Janis and Rick’s boat for a beer. Yes I had fins and my snorkeling gear and my noodle! There was one other boat in the anchorage,  Descanso.  Mark the owner came by on his paddle board to visit. Very nice guy.

We swam back to our boat. And hit the sack!


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