Nov. 9 A Day of fun at Bahia Muertos

We did a few chores to clean up our floating home and get settled in to our anchorage. Then Rick and Janis came by in their dinghy and gave us a ride around the bay. Wow there are some very nice houses here. We would not be able to afford any of them.  We made plans to go to the resort restaurant for “linner” (a meal between lunch and dinner.) We did have time for a nap then a paddle board into shore to walk the beach a bit. Our taxi (Rick and Janis) picked us up and we headed for the resort. 

The developers now call Muertos ‘Bahia Sueños’ meaning the bay of dreams. It certainly is. It is beautiful here. The mountains are green, the bay is calm and the beach is lovely. We were up with the sun, coffee and breakfast in the cockpit. What a life. Dave swam and I paddle boarded to a great snorkeling spot in the north end of the bay.  We saw several different kinds if fish. Next time we will bring our Go Pro camera so we can share pictures. What a great way to start the day.

The ‘development’ is a unique place. It has a hotel and a restaurant. The restaurant has a train running around the second floor. Not so unique, they have a couple pool tables. Rick and Dave played a game while Janis and I  visited. I have to say the food was not as good as the palapa restaurant the night before and it was more expensive.  Goes to show you the not so fancy places sometimes are the best. Back on the boat early so we can get a good night’s sleep and be ready to take off by 6 am. To go to Balandra Bay.