Nov 6 Provisioning

Dave woke early and went for a bike ride. Then came back and grabbed laundry to take to a place that would do our laundry for us. Gotta like Mexico!

We had to say goodbye to Nicole and Kelsey. They were on their way to Cabo San Lucas for a few days. I was sad to see them go. Nicole was such a  valuable crew member. We also became  better friends.

It was provisioning day for the rest of us. We took the number 5 bus and got off just after the bridge then Dave and Rick asked what bus to take to the Soriana grocery store.  There are 2 soriana grocery stores. We wanted the one that was by the Walmart so Rick and Janis could get a new hose to wash their boat. We found the number 1 bus that dropped us right across the street from Walmart and the Soriana was next door. No luck on the hose, and good luck on the groceries.

Shopping complete,  we found the number 1 bus back to our starting spot. Not before we had lunch! Leon was our waiter. He was too funny,  Rick a Dave had a blast joking around with him. Now we could go back to the boat, pick up our laundry, take a nap, and be ready for for showers then dinner.

A glass of wine in the cockpit rounded out another good day.