Nov. 5 San Jose Del Cabo

Nov. 5, 2021, was our first full day in San Jose Del Cabo. We started with a great breakfast of chilichies, corn tortillas with red enchilada like sauce, beans, scramble eggs and ham. Yummy!
Rick and Janis were good and did their chores after breakfast. They washed Star. Nicole, Kelsey, Dave and I took the bus to Old Town. It was very quiet not a lot of people wandering around.  We saw some beautiful blown glass Chandlers in this one store and stopped in. Niko is one of the artists that that has his work for sale.  He happens to be from Oregon, he came there for vacation and never left. So cool to talk to him. Next we went to the Town Square. There were some day of the dead figures leftover from the festival that was held a few days earlier.  Then of course a beautiful church and the San Jose Del Cabo sign. Good fun. All that walking made us thirsty so we had to stop for margaritas – happy hour you know.

Back at the marina Dave and I grabbed our swimming suites and shower supplies and went to Nicole and Kelsey’s hotel for a swim in the pool and a hot shower.  OK, OK, it was happy hour by the pool too! Dinner time! Rick and Janis met us at the Drunken Sailor Restaurant for tacos and enchiladas.  It was great food. Nicole and Kelsey came back to the boat for a short visit. What a great day


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