Next port, Huatulco.

This was our last Mexico stop before our next and final stop in Marina Chiapas. Acapulco was a disappointment, and Puerto Chiapas is not much of a tourist destination. Please be a nice little stop, Huatulco. Please…

Oh yeah, and we had a coolant leak and, therefore, no engine. And we were tired and grumpy. Great way to start the day.

After a long night of sailing nowhere in particular, we headed into Huatulco. The plan was to arrive after sunrise and then figure out what to do next. Keep it simple. And the plan worked!

The winds were down to 6-8 knots. Boatspeed was between 2-3 knots. We drifted into the outer harbor. Next plan?

The engine did not overheat yesterday. We added about a liter of coolant to the six liter reservoir. We figured we could run the motor slowly for a while without risk of damage, so we sailed to within a quarter mile of the inner harbor entrance, dropped the sails, and motored up with all fingers crossed.

Ten minutes went by winding our way down the very shallow channel. Ahead we saw our friends waiting at the dock with life jackets and marriage counselors at the ready, cheering us on. Lines were thrown and caught. We were SAVED! Engine off at 7:30. Port office opens at 9. Time for some sleep!