Excursion to Manzanillo

Last year, we sailed as far south as Manzanillo. Yesterday, we rode with friends to Manzanillo in a rental car to get some supplies. It’s a lot easier getting equipment, supplies, and provisioning with a car than doing so from the boat. And it’s really easy when someone else is driving!

On the way home, we saw some wildlife, a coatimundi, enjoying a snack at the guard hut.

Home Depot, Walmart, Sam’s Club, and a quick stop at Starbucks. Just like back in the USA!

We made a couple of other non-USA stops. Our favorite grocery store in Mexico is “La Comer,” the Macy’s of grocery stores. We also stopped at a little gem named “The Dutch Deli” which did not seem Dutch at all. Can’t wait to try the treats we bought.

Other Stuff

Our new windlass made it to San Diego and to our freight forwarder. Maybe in a week to 10 days, we’ll see it here in Barra. Add a few days to get a new stainless support strut welded, and then get everything installed. When that’s all done, we should be off sailing again.

Today is the start of the “January Classic” fishing tournament that has been going on for 45 years. Over 60 boats are expected to participate. $1.5M pesos prize money. It’s going to get crazy around here.