Bahia Chamela

We were a three-boat flotilla. Our fourth buddy boat left earlier in the day. YO-D-YO was accompanied by Restless Soul and Rebecca Leah for the trip around Cabo Corrientes and South to Bahia Chamela.

Rebecca Leah and Restless Soul at anchor in Bahia Chamela

18 hours after leaving La Cruz anchorage we arrived in Chamela. On the way out of Bandaras Bay we spotted a couple pods of humpback whales being followed by tour boats. As we approached the southwestern exit of Banderas Bay we nearly ran over a couple humpbacks that appeared to be sleeping on the surface. Those were good to notice and avoid!

As the sun rose and the moon set around 7:30, we turned left from our south-westerly course towards land and the little town of Pérula at the top of the bay. We anchored in about 25 feet of water a couple hundred yards off the beach.

After anchoring most of the crews took advantage of calm seas to get some much needed rest after the all-night transit.

Paddleboards at the ready for a wet and sandy landing in Pérula. Lost one hat to the surf.