Connected. Starlink!

Starlink is kind of a miracle here in boater land. There were a dozen Starlink boxes in the office waiting for their owners to collect them. We now have between 50 and 100MB internet bandwidth on our boat when it’s hooked up.

Starlink allows a lot of employed folks to work remotely, and the rest of us unemployeds to stream anything anytime we want – not that the crew of YO-D-YO stream all that much. We mostly like to get current weather reports and video chat with friends and relatives.

Some day, we will more permanently mount the antenna so we can use it while underway. For now, we will only be able to use the Starlink when at dock or at anchor otherwise it may fall into the sea!

Starlink is a little faster than our AT&T Hotspot when we first ran it in Marina Vallarta.