Season Two. And away we go!

Our time is La Paz is ending. Our new four year visas are in our hands!

No longer tourists. Residentes!

We did get one short three-day voyage out to the islands at the start of this new 2022-23 season. And we did get to experience anchoring in the Mogote. But now it’s time to start on our new season’s more major adventures. Panama?

We will be heading from Baja California Sur across the sea to Mazatlan on the mainland – a two day voyage. First we’ll head down the peninsula to Muertos for a night or two and then start across the sea as soon as the weather is right.

After a few days in Maz at the pools in the Marina El Cid resort, we intend to have a relaxed trip down to Puerto Vallarta where we will stay over Christmas and New Year’s. There will be a few stops along the way before we get to PV.

Between Maz and PV we have planned is to land at Isla Isabela to explore this nature reserve. We missed this island on previous transits. They’ve got some odd ducks.


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