Santa Claus

Our adventures and opportunities in Mexico are so varied, and almost always rewarding.

The local Rotary has lots of programs to help members of the local rural communities here in BCS. Rotarians here in the boating community run a Christmas gifting program. They have a list of about 100 kids who live in very rural areas without much means. The Rotary asked for help from us to support a happy Christmas for these kids. We were given the opportunity to pick a couple kids to try to help Santa fulfill their Christmas wishes.

I hope we did well with our shopping. Mostly school supplies but other fun, yummy, and some practical gifts as well.

A backpack full of school supplies and a bag of more fun gifts for each of our girls.

One of the Rotarians who organizes this project goes to the little remote villages all dressed up in his Santa suit to pass out these gifts. Happy Feliz Navidad-ing, Santa.


  1. As the former Reno rotary Mrs Claus I want to say I’m very proud of the two of you for getting involved in the local rotary efforts to support the children of the community! Sincerely Denise Alias Mrs Claus

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