Accessorizing YO-D-YO

We’ve had trouble with our current dinghy. Tropical heat may be to blame. Or it might be a lemon from the factory – a second round of glue failures needed to be corrected. Too bad because we really liked our Takacat.

Just this morning on the radio net, another boat offered up a used Hypalon dinghy. Hypalon material is much more tolerant of tropical heat and UV exposure than the PVC that our other dinghy is made of.

Our new Achilles Hypalon dinghy. It will be mostly stored upside-down on the foredeck.

The new dinghy has quite a few years of experience but seems in serviceable condition. It cleaned up nicely, although it took a major part of the day removing aquired neglect from the boat.

We probably paid a bit more than we should have. It would have been much more to get a new one here in MX. But it’s ours now. And a dinghy is vital for enjoyment of our sailing lifestyle.

And now we have beach wheels, too! We’re going to be part of the cool crowd at the beach parties now!


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