Views of Hawaii

Sailing was just one of the fun activities we did in Hawaii. The next day we stretched our legs and hiked to The Pink Pillbox. It is a fantastic hike with even better views. The day was perfect for a hike, a few clouds and a little bit of mist.

After the hike we went to the Sea Country General Store for lunch and took it to the beach. John saw the General Store on a local TV show highlighting grandma’s cooking. Grandma knew her stuff, the food was fantastic. Now I know why they were on TV.

We found some shade at the beach and took a dip in the ocean. Oh man the water was like bath water. We swam in the middle of Pacific Ocean!

The next day we sailed to the famous Sandbar in Kaneohe Bay. On the way we saw a turtle. Dave and I went snorkeling and walking on the sandbar. We were walking on sand in the middle of the ocean! Next up was dinner at the Golf County Club. Good food with food people.

The last night was mai tais at the Monkeypod restaurant in Ko Olina and a beautiful sunset.


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