Rain Rain Go Away

Apparenty no one records precipitation in La Paz. Wunderground? Weatherbug? Not even the airport??? But let me tell you it RAINS here. So far only briefly, and so far only in the afternoons. And there’s been a drought around here, so a little rain is good.

Yesterday we experienced a downpour. We had so much rain that water was coming in around our companionway cover. We removed our dodger for hurricane season so the companionway is now more exposed to weather. Gotta fix that!

This morning we could see tropical fish. After the rain the clear waters in the marina were full of sediment.

Source of the brown water – we found a new little waterfall. The streets drain into the bay carrying lots of dirt, sand, rocks and other debris. There are many places where water washes into the bay.

Fear not! The next morning the water was much clearer fish were back.

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