Hot Springs and [brrr] Lake Tahoe

The next visits we were able to make were to David Wally’s Hot Springs and then to Lake Tahoe.

We met a couple friends who had an extra room for us at the hot springs resort in Genoa. It was great to visit with August and Shanna and spend the night. Lot’s of history at the famous landmark at the base of the Sierras – it’s been a popular destination since 1862 or so (a couple years before Nevada even became a state!)

We can’t visit our old stomping grounds without a trip up to Lake Tahoe. Although we have become accustomed to life at sea level we were able to climb to 6300 feet to Tahoe to met our sailing friends from Marina Bay.

And we can’t go to Tahoe without braving a swim in the lake. According to NLTFPD it was a brisk 55.2°F. That did not stop Nicole, Mary and Dave from going deep. Of course the two ladies went first as they are much less susceptible to reason. Kelsey also dipped to somewhere above his knees into the refreshing lake. Only Toby and Laura were bright enough to stay dry. Just for reference, our boat is enjoying La Paz and comfortable 28°C waters. That works out to a bit over 82°F for Celsius challenged folks.

Seems like marrying season. Congratulations to August & Shanna as well as Kelsey & Nicole on your upcoming nuptials! We are looking forward to a couple of great parties in the near future.


  1. Sounds like you had a great time in Tahoe and a very brave one also take care have fun the rest of your time love you both


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