San Sebastián del Oeste

San Sebastián del Oeste is a Pueblo Magico town. That means it has maintained it’s historical character like a historic site in the US. It was a silver mining town with up to 20,000 people. Now about 500 people live there. It is beautiful with white and red buildings surrounded by mountains.

We took a tour and stopped at other interesting places along the way. The first stop was a ranch with horses, chickens, pigs, lambs and more. Dave got to pet the horses and there was a baby horse. We did not pet the pigs!

Next stop was a cafe with awesome coffee, pastries, and atmosphere. Then to the coffee plantation where we got to taste sweet limes. The bridge to get there was a little scary. It was very wavy. I had a chance to make a tortilla. I’ll stick to buying them. It did not turn out well.

Last, but not least tequila tasting! Alejandro explained how his family makes tequila and to only buy 100% pure blue agave tequila. I liked the aged tequila best. It is gold in color and aged 2 years.

It was a good day.

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