We spent a couple of days at Chamala. We met up with some new friends that are from Canada and shared a couple of meals on the beach with them. We also took a dinghy ride up the river to the docks that are used by pangas to take people to the nearby islands for snorkeling.  From there we walke into town. There are several nice restaurants and hotels there.

It is not all hanging on the beach, we did get some chores done. We got some fuel we suspected was not good. It was blackish in color instead of pink or clear.  Dave changed the fuel filter, again, and saw some tan gooey substance in the filter. Good thing we have a lot of filters and are going back to Puerto Vallarta where we can get more.  So far the engine is running great. Yes I know we are a sailboat. It seems when we are moving there is either no wind or it is coming from the direction we want to go. Oh well it it sunny and beautiful and life is good.