Tenacatita part 2

The main Tenacatita bay is much larger than the 1st one. This bigger one had 36 boats in it. It was very calm. We hardly moved at all. The swimming was great. There was one palapa on the beach that had cold beer and good food. There is a breakwater with some natural rocks and choral that had some excellent snorkeling.

The cruisers gathered at 2pm to play bocce ball or go for group walk on the beach. Then to the palapa restaurant.

There is a mangrove lined estuary that meanders toward a lagoon that is near the 1st Tenacatita bay. It is important to go at or near high tide to get across the shallow opening. We didn’t time it so great so we had to carry our dinghy a little way but not too far. The estuary is filled with birds, red crabs crawling on the roots of the mangroves, and crocks (although we did not see any this time).  We made it back in time to enjoy dinner on the beach – again!

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