Tsunami Advisory

As you all may have heard, a volcano erupted underwater near Tonga yesterday. There were tsunami advisories for the US and Mexco coast. We didn’t have too much effects. We saw a tide shift of 2 to 3 feet every 5 to 10 min for about an hour and a half. It went from 24 feet to 27 feet of depth. It was interesting to see the pangas (small local power boats) drive up on the beach and the water goes out so far they had to have a truck push them out. Then 5 min later the trucks front tires are in the water. It was weird. We decided not to go snorkeling. Otherwise we are great.  Very nice anchorage.

Another exciting event happened. We noticed a paddle board had come loose from a nearby boat. We called to her and she jumped off the back of her boat swimming toward the board. We were getting our dinghy ready to launch and we hurried up. As soon as we had the motor on, Dave took off. Some kayakers got the paddle board so dave went for the woman, (yes I knowa:-) ). The woman swam to another boat when she realized she wouldn’t be able to get to her board. Dave picked her up and then got the board and took her back to her boat. All’s well that ends well.

We will be here for a couple of days. 

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4 thoughts on “Tsunami Advisory

  1. My son told me that the police and fire department rousted everyone from their boats at the Berkeley marina. I don’t know about Marina Bay.


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