Thursday 10-28 – day 2 of our Baja run

At 0600 Dave took over watch. Just in time for us to enjoy first light. We saw the sky get brighter and brighter. Beautiful way to start the day. Then I was off shift and slept.

We have wind and we are sailing! We have our new jenniker flying and going as fast as the motor. Great! We were able to sail almost hours today. It was awesome. Sunny, 5 to 8 foot swells. We were sailing downwind and with the swell so it was not bad at all. The best part, we were sailing faster than we motor!

It is now 1630 I’m cooking dinner before I go to sleep!

The night shift were pretty calm. I was on the 2100 to midnight shift. The stars are amazing. The wind picked up and we pulled out the head sail at the beginning of his shift. He reefed it in so it was really small and was able to sail his whole shift.

Nicole is the kelp catcher. It is very dark out here and difficult to see any kelp beds. She noticed our speed dropped dramatically then the mass of kelp dragging from our rudder. Her and Dave were able to free it and we were on our way again. Me? I was sleeping!