Friday 10-29-21 arrived in Turtle Bay

We had another beautiful sunrise as we entered Turtle Bay.  Rick and Janis on Star Passage dropped anchor just before we entered the Bay. We saw few buoys probably marking crab or lobster traps at the entrance. We avoided them with no problem.  Anchor down, time for a well deserved rest.

We woke refreshed and ready to play.  We added a little air to the dinghy. We got the harness on the motor so we could use our hoist to lower it to the dinghy. The dinghy is set and we are off to shore.

Our dinghy has an open transom and bow. With all 3 of us in we had to adjust our weight. When Dave slowed down the bow dipped and we started submerging. We quickly moved to the back of the boat, but not before we were soaked. Oh well it was refreshing.  When we hauled the boat to shore a very nice young man (I sound like my grandma) took my side and helped Dave bringit onto the beach.  So nice.

Nicole and I took off to explore. There is not much of a town there. We found a small grocery store and the school. We never found the town.  I guess we didn’t miss much. Dave stayed by the beach watching our dinghy.

Back on the YO it was time for a swim and “bath”. It felt good to wash our hair and get a good rinse. While we were in the water Dave made sure there was no more kelp hanging on our rudder or prop. We did a freshwater rinse on the back of the boat and we are clean! Happy Hour and snacks. What a beautiful day.

After checking on our buddies, we found out Janis was a bit under the weather. We decided to take off the next morning for Bahia Santa Maria.  It will be warmer and closer to San Jose Del Cabo. 

We had BLTs for dinner then an early night to sleep.


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