Ensenada Continued

I think I failed to tell you how nice the people are here. The marina people have been so helpful. They took us to get checked in and this morning they are taking us back again. Our crew member is coming in today and we all need to check out with the Port Captain. It should be easier than our first day here.

Covid- All the people are wearing masks, even outside. I feel very comfortable with the mask wearing. They take your temperature and have hand sanitizer before you enter a building.

Weather- we are keeping an eye on the weather and will go when it is safe. It is supposed to rain tonight and be beautiful tomorrow. We will keep you posted.

2 thoughts on “Ensenada Continued

  1. Be safe! We have this Cyclone Bomb here ugh. So much rain! I feel like I’m in Seattle lol Glad everyone is Covid safe! Love you Shan

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