We Have Dinghy and Motor

An important item for cruisers is a dinghy. When you anchor in a bay it is your transportation to shore. We had our challenges with this. First, our 20 year old Zodiac came apart at the seams. Next, the new one we ordered did not arrive complete. We only received the bottom and the pump! No boat! We finally got a beautiful new Takacat dinghy! It is a catamaran type inflatable dinghy, the 2 pontoons on the sides allow for less drag and more stability.

The outboard motor is the next part of the puzzle. We were able to start up our Lehr Propane motor, but it would not go into gear. Dave took it apart and in the process poseidon decided he needed a couple of parts, they are now at the bottom of the slip. No one in town had those parts, they are on order. We are not sure they will arrive before we take off.

Plan B, drive to Carson City and with a humble heart, ask our friends for our 2 stroke Nissan outboard back. They agreed! Thank you Rick and Dee. It was a quick trip. We were able to celebrate our dear friends birthday and take care of some business. You know blood work, teeth cleaning, dermatologist check up. All is well.

When we got back, Dave gave the Nissan some love and gasoline and she works like a champ. We are set to go!

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