Projects and More Projects

I know I have been lax about posting, so now I am catching up. We have been busy getting the boat ready to take to Mexico. Dave is amazing! He installed a manual water pump in our gally sink, a new inverter so we will be able to use our ac outlets when we need to. He also installed an AIS transponder so people will be able to see us on their chart as we are sailing, an extra DC charger, and most importantly new macerator pumps so we can empty our holding tanks when we are at least 3 miles off shore.

I finally finished the shade screening for the cockpit, and a new cover for the life raft. Yes Dave wins!


  1. You guys are awesome! There is nothing the 2 of you can not accomplish! Glad you got your dingy and your motor running! Glad you got to visit with Don and Ross.

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