Catalina and the Avalon Casino

We had the new dinghy, we had oars to row ashore and tickets to tour the famous Avalon Casino. Thursday morning brought calm winds and seas. Yes that meant a 10 hour motor. About an hour away from our destination the wind picked up but we decided to just keep motoring so we would get a good mooring. Unfortunately, we did not get a mooring in Avalon harbor but in Descanso Bay just around the corner. Once we were settled we learned the only place to land in our dinghy was Avalon harbor, a 1.5 mile one way trip. That is a long way to row in 15 knot wind and choppy seas. They do have a shore boat that will give you a ride to Avalon and back for a price of course.

We had some rocky nights but it was worth it to see our new friends and the Casino. We learned the definition of Casino is a place for entertainment. It is a beautiful building and we are glad we went. We were also fortunate to have some time to visit with our new friend Wendy and enjoy the local art fair where our other new friend was selling her art.

The last time we were at Catalina we did not go snorkeling. This time we did. It was a short swim to shore towing dry bags with a change of clothes and beer money. Then a short walk to the designated diving, snorkeling area. It was great, although the water was not as warm as last time.

The trip back was very similar to the trip over, calm seas, motoring with no autopilot. We realized we really like autopilot. Another project awaits. Overall a great weekend.


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