Passage to Santa Barbara

July 8, 2021 We left the dock at 0630 in fog and unsettled seas. (Nicole is now ready for the mechanical bull!) We were able to sail down wind after about an hour. Then the wind died. It was a motor after that with short spurts of sailing. We did see some whales and had porpoises ride our bow wave.

The night portion of the trip was filled with stars and calm seas. Morning greeted us with a beautiful sunrise as we came around Pt. Concepcion. As we neared Santa Barbara the wind picked up a bit so we flew our new Gennaker (similar to a spinnaker). It was fun, the sun was out, but slow going.

We made it to the harbor only to find there were no slips available. So we anchored. We will try to get a slip Saturday. All in all it was a good passage.

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