A Day in Monterey

July 6, 2021 – First up, breakfast at Old Monterey Cafe. It was just what the Dr. ordered. Great coffee and delicious food. Then to work. We did have some projects to finish up today before our crew arrives on Wed. Dave needed to replace our forward holding tank vent hose. We walked to the chandlery and got the hose then back to the boat a short 2 mile round trip walk.

Got the boat apart, again… replaced the hose then found out the floor board didn’t fit, we needed a different connection. Just like a boat project. We mapped out West Marine a mile in the opposite direction. Time to test out our electric scooters. We found the West Marine and discovered it was an express store so it was smaller. It did not have the part we needed, butt did have the oil pump we needed to change the oil, so it wasn’t a total loss. Lunch time, then back to the boat. My scooter worked great, Dave’s battery died on the way back to the boat. Too bad they are fun. Needless to say, we walked back to the boat chandlery that did have the part.

We were close to Cannery Row so we played tourist, got ice cream and road the trolley back to the boat. Dave finished up the vent hose and we got the aft cabin ready for our crew. Two friends will join us on the 30 hour trip from Monterey to Santa Barbara. They needed a place to sleep. Finally done for the day.

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