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Candaleros Bay

We stayed here last year with our friends Don and Roz on “Ramble On Rose”.  This year, we are on our own.   On our way into shore, we encountered a damsel in distress.  She was on a paddle board and getting pushed away by the wind.  Her girlfriends were swimming to try to rescue her,Continue reading “Candaleros Bay”

Agua Verde

Our stop after Candaleros Bay was Agua Verde.  I’m so glad we stopped here.  After we anchored, we snorkled by “Pinnacle Rock.” We will go back and snirkle some more this afternoon. We are currently sitting in a palapa on the beach that has wifi. We are catching up on our posts and communications. ThisContinue reading “Agua Verde”

Puerto Ballandra

This is an awesome bay. It was very quiet, great holding, and it has resident bees. The bees were not aggressive and went away at sunset. I thought of my sister Patty, who would not have enjoyed the bees! We did get to shore, did a little snorkeling, and took a great picture of theContinue reading “Puerto Ballandra”

Isla Coronados

This picture perfect bay was spectacular with turquoise water with a volcano as the backdrop.  It was a nice stop after a great day of sailing. After we set anchor, Dave rowed the dinghy to shore and we walked the beach. We snorkled by the rocks by the beach but were a little disappointed becauseContinue reading “Isla Coronados”

Puerto Escondido, BCS

We visited our boat friends on ‘Ramble on Rose’ last year at Pto Escondido. We are glad we came back for another visit. The Pto has a great mooring field and awesome slips, but all very BCS pricey. Traveling to Loreto for supplies is more difficult – required a taxi or car rental – thanContinue reading “Puerto Escondido, BCS”

Puerto Los Gatos

A short 25 mile ride north and we landed in Puerto Los Gatos. It is so beautiful with red rocks that remind us of Southern Utah. It was a beautiful day with light winds. The rock cliffs along the way are spectacular. Dave also caught 2 fish. Dave is cooking dinner tonight. I am notContinue reading “Puerto Los Gatos”

San Evaristo

Next stop was San Evaristo!  This is a small fishing village with about 20 families.  There were a couple of boats here that were in our previous anchorage.   It was good to see friendly faces.  We also met some other boaters on our way to shore and they joined us at the restaurant. There isContinue reading “San Evaristo”

Isla San Francisco

This beautiful island is one of the reasons we came to the Sea of Cortez.  Crystal clear water, beautiful scenery, good holding for the anchor.  Once we anchored it was time for a swim and snorkel.  Just as we jumped in, we saw a school of rays swim right under us.  Local knowledge said theyContinue reading “Isla San Francisco”

Passage to the Sea

We left Paradise Village Marina on May 3 heading to Muertos Bay on the Baja peninsula.  We figured it would take us about 48 hours to arrive.  This would be the longest passage Dave and I took alone.  I put my big girl panties on and off we went. We had little wind and whatContinue reading “Passage to the Sea”

What a Drag

We finally made it to Balandra Bay, just east of La Paz. It is a picturesque bay that is known for its beautiful water, excellent snorkeling, and the famous mushroom rock. We were happy to have the anchor down and ready for a good night’s sleep. We were sleeping soundly until I heard a sirenContinue reading “What a Drag”


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