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Leaving La Paz

La Paz has been a pretty good visit for us over the past few weeks. A bit hot. A bit humid. An occasional rain or even a lightning-filled downpour. But…

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More Shade Please!

Yes it is hot and humid here. That is ok, but we found we needed more shade. Time to break out the old sewing machine and get busy. Dave designed…

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We Found Real Beer!

Another stroll along the malecon past where we usually walk, we found a brewery! Harken has great calzones and wonderful dark beer “El Scorpion.” There are two buildings that are…

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Rain Rain Go Away

Apparenty no one records precipitation in La Paz. Wunderground? Weatherbug? Not even the airport??? But let me tell you it RAINS here. So far only briefly, and so far only…

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Hot Tamales!

You thought this would be about food didn’t you?  It is really more about the weather.  It’s a bit warm and a lot more humid than we were expecting in…

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Reno to San Diego

We headed to southern California to visit friends and family. Denise and Wyatt were going to visit some friends as well, so it was road trip to SoCal! The drive…

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Happy Anniversary

Happy 21st to us! We enjoyed some wine and charcuterie board at a wine bar near Denise and Wyatt’s house. Then off to mid-town Reno for another cocktail before heading…

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