La Cruz to Barra de Navidad

We are starting our next steps on the journey south. We will be leaving La Cruz on a very slow transit ending in Barra de Navidad in a couple of weeks. It’s only 130 nautical miles to Barra, and we are getting the first 90 miles out of the way tonight. The remaining 40 or so miles to Barra has lots of really nice anchorages. This part of the coastline is some of the best Costalegre has to offer. We will enjoy the very short hops.

We have at least three buddy boats heading to Chamela with us. This is the biggest flotilla we will have sailed in while in Mexico.

Buddy boats Rebekah Leah and Restless Soul in the foreground waiting in the anchorage for a few hours to pass.

We checked out of the marina before noon, but we won’t leave the area until late afternoon, so we are sitting in the anchorage until early evening. It will take about 14 hours to get to our next anchorage in Chamela. We try to arrive in the morning because we like arriving when the sun is up, and we like having a few extra hours of daylight padding in case we get slowed down on the way there. We have a pretty full moon and clear skies so it will be a bright night sail.

Let’s see how slow we can go!

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