History in Charleston

Well I knew Charleston had some history but Wow! First we went to the town of Nitro. Yep – this is where they made gun powder for WWI. The museum was packed with artifacts that local people donated. The docent that we talked to was born in Nitro and showed us a picture of her aunt’s house that was built in 1917 by Union Carbide to support the war effort.. The whole town was built in 11 months and had 30,000 people. A real Factory Town. You could still see many of the original houses around town.

The next museum was in South Charleston where there were Native American mound burial grounds. The woman at the South Charleston Museum and Interpretive Center was amazing. She was the person that started the museum. What a wealth of information. She gave us a private tour from early Native Americans to through the closing of Union Carbide chemical plant. Sad trivia, antifreeze was discovered because the water in the Kanawha River did not freeze where the chemical plant dumped its wastes, aka pollutants.

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