Family Fun in Washington

Seattle here we are. Well actually Wenachee to spend some time with Dave’s parents. We spent time hanging pictures in their apartment, playing pool, doing some shopping and just visiting. We also had some pretty good meals at their place.

We took Jean and Jack (Dave’s parents) on a little vacation to Oak Harbor. We were supposed to stay in Anacortes but the VRBO I rented had all the bedrooms and the bathroom upstairs and that was just not going to work, so Dave found us a hotel in Oak Harbor. It was a beautiful drive to Anacortes where the party was going to be. It was not perfect but we made the best of it.

The first day we took Jean and Jack to visit one of Jean’s best friends. It was so nice to see the joy in Jean’s face when she saw her friend. What a great gift.

Jean and Joanne

While they visited Dave and I went shopping for the party! It was getting close to the big day.


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