As we are “stranded” in Paradise Village Marina, we got some projects completed. Dave went up the mast and replaced our steaming and deck light. They are both LEDs so they use less power, and so happy they now both operate! He also added a cleat for our outboard motor lift and has been busy designing a new emergency tiller to fit our new rudder post. The old tiller fit our old rudder post well, but the new rudder post is a larger diameter. We are still working on getting the parts to repair our steering system casualty.

My big project was making covers for our fuel jerry cans. I started with a YouTube video. I made some changes to the YouTube design and am happy with the results. The covers have a slot so we are able to pick up the cans by the handles. We can also run a line through the slot and handle to secure them to the boat. These covers should provide excellent sun protection for the cans and really expensive fuel. I also replaced the elastic on our hatch covers. It has been a productive week.

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