It is not all laying by the pool, and sipping pina coladas. We hit a tree that was floating in Banderas bay just west of of Puerto Vallarta.  We saw some paint chipped on the bow and we were not sure what other damage was under the water.  We decided to haul the boat out of the water and assess the damage.  There was a nice chip in the bow.  It damaged the fiberglass and left unattended, we would have gotten water intrusion, and that is never good. 

Not sure if you remember, that we had a new rudder and rudder post put on when we were in San Diego.  Well the yard there painted the new rudder with a different paint and it is already chipping away.  Bottom paint on a boat should last at least 2 years if well maintained and we maintain.  Needless to say we are having another coat of paint put on.

By the way we are staying in a hotel while the boat is on the hard! Happy wife!

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