Mexico City

We took a little vacation to Mexico City for a couple of days. Our friends were supposed to come with us but one got sick so it was just Dave and I. Which was fine. We did miss our friends, they would have enjoyed it.

Dave is amazing at trip planning and managing travel. He booked a very nice room in a very nice hotel near the old town and Alameda Circle. He figured out the subway so we could take the subway to the hotel. We even had to transfer.

We arrived Friday late afternoon. Just in time for the free happy hour! The lounge was just down the hall from our room. What a view. After a couple glasses of wine we headed out to explore. We found a Christmas celebration. Yes, there were a lot of people. I would say 80% had masks on properly, outside too.

The carnival was located in the square in front of the Cathedral and National Building. It was amazing to see modern buildings surrounding these ancient churches and museums. It was a full day.


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