Bara Navidad- Panama Posse Seminars

The day after we got to Paradise Village (PV), we left to go to the Panama Posse kick off event.   We belong to this group of boaters that are all planning to go through the Panama Canal, or have already gone that route.  It is valuable because of the knowledge from all the other people are at our fingertips.  The leader has contacted many marinas to get us discounts and protection in some cases.  There are agents that help us check into other countries and that will help us go through the Canal.  The seminars help us find and use all these resources.  We also get to meet some great people.

Oh, did I mention we stayed at this 5 star hotel?  The Grand Isla Navidad Resort well, we did. We had a king size bed, several pools to swim in and they had a water taxi tgat took you to the town on Bara Navidad. The king size bed is a huge deal when you live on a boat, ok so is the pools.

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