Nov. 16. La Paz to Ensenada Grande`

Ensenada Grande is a small bay on Isla (Island) Partida.  It is in the north west side of the island and is beautiful.  It reminds me of Utah  with water.  The hills and mountains jut out of the water and you can see the different layers of rocks.  One layer is obviously from a volcanic eruption the next is sandstone the next is basalt.  It is so interesting and  amazing.

On the way from La Paz to Isla Partida we passed Isla Espirtu Santo. We saw a sailboat on the rocks and it reminded us of Gilligan’s Island. That was a bad day for them. There were many bays that had beautiful beaches and such blue water. Between the red rock cliffs, the white beaches and the blue water we could spend some very serious time exploring all of them, and it is just two islands!

Our tour guide and great friend Rick on Star Passage brought us to his two favorite anchorages. He has been in these waters many many times.  He has great taste.


  1. Oh my, how beautiful! The emotions I imagine are intense. Keep soaking them up. Your adventure is amazing. Something most of us will never experience. Enjoy the depths of emotion, not the depths of the ocean. Love you.

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