The Big Day

We did it! We left San Diego and are in Ensenada, Mexico. As far as the sailing /motoring goes it was a pretty easy day. We motored about 8 hours and sailed about 2. Sunny clear skies. We even had some porpoises join us a couple times for a bit.

When we arrived at Marina Coral in Ensenada, Mexico, we had men on the dock helping us land the boat. Then the very nice health department lady came and checked our vaccine cards, took temperature and oxygen checks, and walked us to the marina office. There they had our file ready with the documents we will need tomorrow when they will take us to check into the country and help us get our TIP. The TIP will allow us to leave our boat in a marina when we go back to the states.

This evening we went to the pool and hot tub associated with the marina resort. Not bad for our first day in Mexico.

Now the day had some emotional times for me. I’m not going to sugar coat it. I am scared and apprehensive even as I am excited. I may have let the F word leave my mouth, but don’t tell my mom! I am nervous about this new crazy adventure we have embarked on and am not sure how it will go. I know I need to try it out and give it my best. I can do anything for a year! One day at a time. This day was good. We will see where this adventure takes us. I know I have the best partner in the world! Dave is so solid and calming and understanding. Not to mention he knows sailing. I am one lucky lady. (Dave: yes she is)


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