Visiting friends, Temecula and Tequila tasting

We had a fantastic visit with our friends John and Shannon. They are terrific hosts. Our first night we helped them out by tasting a few of their special tequilas. Beautiful bottles and the tequila was superb. No we did not drink the whole bottle!

The next day was wine tasting in Temecula. Dave and I were here about 10 years ago, and boy has it changed. The first one had a collection of Vespas and other cool motorized vehicles. There are so many good wineries we just had to buy a couple of bottles. Our favorite is Baily.

Shannon found an Orchid farm. There were so many beautiful orchids. Some had a beautiful fragrance, some looked like man eaters. They also have an orchid hotel where you can bring your orchids when they are not blooming. While at the hotel, your orchids are fed, transplanted and well taken take care of. When they start to bloom again, the hotel will contact you. Pretty cool.


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