A Reunion With Crew

Nicole and Kelsey came to make sure we were doing alright. We’ll, to be honest, they wanted to play with us in San Diego. Our first adventure was Coronado Beach. We braved the chilly water and played in the waves. Then a nice lod walk on the beautiful beach.

The next dip in the ocean was not so pleasant. Kelsey found a ray. They hide just under the sand and when he put his foot down, BAM, the ray stung him. It is very painful. Kelsey took it like a champ while we took him to urgent care. Ice cream helped!

That changed our plans a little bit, but did not stop the fun. We did go to Balboa Park, drove by the Navy ships, and ended in Little Italy for dinner. The next day we met Nicole’s brother for breakfast. Such a nice young man. All in all we had a good visit and explored some new places.

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