Playing Tourists part 2 USS Midway

Our 2nd stop on the Trolley  was near the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier.  Of course we had to take the tour. Thought of my brother who was in the Navy for 25 years and served on several aircraft carriers, and other ships. Thank you to him and his wife (who was also in the Navy) and to all the others who served to protect us. Notice the Navy Structure- A Primer. Scott, is this true?

Dave was so enthralled, he had the audio tour device to his ear in almost every picture. It was very interesting. One of the volunteers we met in the engine room was Jack, a WWII and Korean War vet. He is a very interesting man and taught us a lot about life on the ship. Don’t forget the planes!


  1. I got a private tour by my much younger brother Scott of the uss enterprise. It was so fun watching him walk into a room and all the men standing and saluting him!

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