Marina Del Rey

July 20 and 21, we were fortunate to get a slip at Burton Chace Park, in Marina Del Rey. The people were so nice helping us get checked in. Once we were settled, we took a long walk around the marina. We passed some very interesting restaurants. We did not feel  comfortable stopping with Covid. No problem we were well prepared for a drink on the boat.  When we got back to the boat there was a small dismasted sail boat with the crew getting it tied up. They were racing and things went wrong. No one was hurt, so that was good. They were very nice and members of the Yacht Club right next door.

The 21st was our 20th wedding anniversary. Dave woke early and walked to get me flowers and a card. The day started great. We then went for a bike ride around the area and went by Venice Beach and onto Santa Monica Pier. There’s a free electric car shuttle that took us around the marina and later to dinner. After a short nap, because we are retired you know, we went to the California Windjammer Yacht Club for a drink. Mary was there, the lady we had met the night before. The views were awesome. Next up dinner.