Some photos from YO-D-YO

From Above

Some times it is necessary to climb the mast and get a little work done up top. The climber gets treated to great views from above!

The Admiral

It must be nice to have such a title. The real master of the boat is Mary. And the most important member of the crew!

A Tough Life

Somehow we will survive all the trials and tribulations – without spilling a drop.

Captain Dave

A nice day sailing in San Francisco Bay.


This is going to be our new home. She looks ready to go!

Solstice Requires Sacrifice

Seems like every time the sun changes direction we need to remove a goat from the world. Longest day or shortest, it’s important to pay homage.

A Look From Below

We recently had YO-D-YO out of the water getting new bottom paint and a few other updates and maintenance completed in preparation for our trips.

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