Night Watch

We are sailing with at least one person on watch at all times. Each person in on duty for 3 hours the off for 6. So far so good. We take turns getting food and coffee and water. It is not gourmet it is sailing food.

I was fortunate to have the sunset shift. It was beautiful. Then the stars appeared. It was amazing. It reminded us of the sky in Death Valley only better. It was colder than I expected. Good thing we are heading south. Nicole and Dave saw the moon rise around midnight. When the moon came out we couldn’t see as many stars but it was still beautiful. There was not much traffic overnight. Nicole saw a cruise ship, a fishing boat and a cargo ship. I only saw Star Passage.

We are sleeping pretty well. I am getting least 2 to 3 good hours of sleep each off shift. Dave about the same.. Nicole is the Young one of our group and can sleep anywhere! What a trooper. When we get to Turtle Bay we will get some good rest.


  1. Ok, that sleep shift sounds a little like when I was working. Stay up to plan lessons then sleep fitfully because I was sure I forgot something then wake up tired and cranky! I guess the pay off is the star watching and of course, the destination. Stay safe out there, matey!

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